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#metoo, #teknisktfel and the Path Forward for Tech

Uppdaterat: 30 mars 2022

Svartvit bild med Sara som gestikulerar framför en bild i bakgrunden som föreställer Tarana Burke. Sara är klädd i svart.
Föreläsning metoo

In the fall of 2017 #metoo exploded around the world. In Sweden metoo had a huge effect with more than 65 subsequent hashtags representing a wide variety of groups in society and professionals.

On November 19 #teknisktfel (technical error) was released representing the tech industry. More than 400 stories were shared and were testiment to the challenges women face in tech, it, construction, industry and more - sexual harrassment, assault and even rape.

At the same time, most organizations undertake efforts to attract and recruit women. Despite that - numbers aren't really improving. Or when they do, it's at a very very very slow pace.

And all the while, tech is facing a huge challenge when it comes to competence maintenance. In Sweden it's been estimated that there tech will lack 70 000 people with the it and digital competencies needed, by 2024.

It is clear that we need to re-think our approach to gender equality and inclusion in tech and we can learn a lot from metoo.

I talked about this and more in my talk at Internetstiftelsen in 2019. Check it out here:

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